Professional Support

Bpd scitt gallery 18Trainees are supported by a Subject Tutor in school, who has responsibility for:

- Support of trainees when based in school

 - Meeting weekly with trainees to discuss progress and set targets

 - Formative assessment of trainees’ practical work and portfolio, and advising on final assessment

Each subject also has a Lead Subject Tutor who, in addition to supporting Subject Tutors in their work, is responsible for the delivery of the SP programme, and for the final assessment of trainees.

Within each school there is also a Professional Tutor, who is a senior member of staff, often a Deputy or Assistant Head, who is responsible for supporting all trainees within the school.

Further support is provided by the Director who acts as Partnership Manager and by specialist support from university-based Link Tutors. Teacher professional associations also provide support for trainee and newly qualified teachers through their dedicated support hubs and websites which can be accessed by the links below:

Further information is available from the Partnership Office on 01202 402790 or by email:


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